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April 2019

IDEO CoLab Design Fellow - the Future of Work

• Designed position-agnostic and skills-based resume for the Dynamic Workplaces portfolio.
• Over the course of a week, designed and built a Figma prototype with UX focus.

• Pitched final product to IDEO CoLab San Francisco and participating CoLab partner companies.

June - Aug 2018

Airship Product Development/Design

• Directed product development strategy and beta test planning for 3 ecommerce collaborators.

• Led development of 1 manufacturing technique, 4 unique prototypes, and 6 usability studies.

• Strategized feature matrix of solutions for enabling circular economy in ecommerce packaging.

March - May 2018

"Catcall Control" game co-creator

• Built Arduino-based tangible interaction game exploring the experience of street harassment.

• Demo’d prototype at the 2018 Industrial Design GT LaunchPad event with over 400 attendees.

• Designed storyline, art, and interactions to enable empathy and delight within social context.

Feb  2018

"Forget-me-naut" designer and engineer

• Designed interface of light-based timer for less obtrusive long term reminders.

• Coded Arduino backend, built circuit hardware, and constructed encasing over 2 weeks.

June - Dec 2017
Apple Manufacturing Design Engineering

•  Designed $90k vision system equipment and SOP saving 1,700 hours annually.
•  Led process development, implementation, and training across 3 Chinese manufacturers.
• Collaborated with 5 vendors and international teams in Chinese and English to outsource

   DFM’s of vision system.
• Represented Apple while leading DOE’s with 3 vendors for automated line assembly and

   innovative manufacturing processes in ultra-black security projects.
• Using Zygo and Sensofar for failure analysis, identified formula to quantify severity of cosmetic

   defects on an ultra security Mac project.

Jan - May 2017

"baag" CTO

• Designed solution for reducing single-use plastic bag use by leveraging shopper pain points.

• Obtained $300 grant for design, prototyping, and production of origami-inspired product.

• Led 33 field interviews to find market trends; led product development and rapid prototyping.

• Won 2nd Best Overall I2P Project at Incubator Showcase, April 27, 2017.




Sept - Dec 2016

Schlumberger R&D Engineer

• Co-inventor of interference-fit electrode pins in patent memo IS16.1601 reducing complexity

   in assembly of high performance drilling-grade sensor box.
• Designed 2D core ANSYS simulations testing stress/strain and pressure profiles of molded

   PEEK assemblies.
• Created scientific best-practices for the Schlumberger Riboud Product Development

   Center (SRPC), standardizing vacuum seal testing for interference-fit.
• Collaborated with French polymer manufacturing company Dedienne with 3 DOE’s testing       

   pressure, surface roughness, rate of flow, and temperature in integrated PEEK sensor box.

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