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When I was 5, I traced bottle lids to draw faces, trying to capture the expressions of people I saw on TV. I've always been captivated by the contours of human faces and bodies, which are the main subjects of my art.

This is a cross-section of original artwork I've done over the years. Some were painted digitally, some with traditional media (from chalk pastel to watercolor), and others with nontraditional media (soy sauce and cardboard ). 


Commissioned portrait artist since 2012

Group exhibit for the ACE Empowerment "Being Ourselves" exhibit (2021)

Illustrator for the AAAF Asian Americans Advocacy Fund coloring book project (2021)

User journey and persona illustrator for Ma/Msc course at Royal College of Art (2019-2021)

Group exhibit for KollabATL "Where are you really from" exhibit (2019)

Illustrator for the startup Sora Schools' internal handbook (2018)

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