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I'm a designer and creative technologist, with a background in human-centered design, engineering, and business strategy.


I recently graduated from my double masters in Innovation Design Engineering, in which we explore technology-enabled opportunities in the future. I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in Industrial Design, from Georgia Tech, in 2018.

For 4 years, I’ve led product development/design in social, systems, and product innovation in companies like Apple, Schlumberger, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, as well as personal startups. In 2019, I was a IDEO CoLab Design fellow in the SF office.

I've worked in 5 countries (US, China, France, Canada, United Kingdom) in 3 languages (English, Chinese, French).

After building my own tangible interaction/speculative design project , I deeply believe that the future in HCI will move away from purely "2D" experiences. Tangible interactions enabled by hardware and more enriching interfaces will help us engage more of our senses. Thus, we can stay more present and experience information in new ways.

In my free time, I draw, paint portraits on commission, explore new cities countries via couchsurfing, and read about circular economy. Recently my art was displayed in the "Where Are You Really From" exhibit in collaboration with Kollaboration ATL, at the Kuali Gallery.

My full resume can be downloaded below.



  • 2021 project Shade was one of 34 recipients of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas award

  • 2021 2nd Place + Open Tech Prize recipient at Energy Idea London Challenge 

  • 2021 Special Mention for IPFEN x Imperial Launch Hackathon 

  • 2021 "100 Pioneers" on the Regenerative List for shADe, a plugin for sustainable online shopping

  • 2020 Imperial College WeInnovate Incubator Phase I candidate for Spore

  • 2020 RCA Grand Challenges Competition Finalist (Logitech x CERN)

  • 2019 IDEO Colab Explore Fellowship

  • 2018 Women in Engineering (WIE) Ford Scholarship

  • 2017 1st Place winner of Betchtel Inflatable Scaffold Design Competition (MindSumo)

  • 2016 Idea 2 Prototype (I2P) 2nd Place Best in Show startup "baag"

  • 2016 Wohlford Scholar

  • 2016 Bill Sayle Scholar

  • 2015 GE Women’s Network Scholarship

  • 2015 Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers (FAEE  Scholarship)

  • 2015 Women in Engineering (WIE) Dow Chemical Company  Scholarship

  • 2014 SanDisk Scholarship

  • 2014 School of Civil Engineering Best Undergraduate Research Award (NSF Geomechanics research)

  • 2014 Robert Heinlein Scholarship

  • 2013 Excelon Corporation Scholarship

  • 2013-2018 Zell Miller Scholarship (full ride)

  • 2013-2018 National Merit Scholarship

  • 2011 Georgia Governor's Honors Program (GHP), Technology major and Art minor


Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 3.41.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.57.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 7.07.45 PM.png

April 2019

IDEO CoLab Design Fellow - the Future of Work

• Designed position-agnostic and skills-based resume for the Dynamic Workplaces portfolio.
• Over the course of a week, designed and built a Figma prototype with UX focus.

• Pitched final product to IDEO CoLab San Francisco and participating CoLab partner companies.

June - Aug 2018

Airship Product Development/Design

• Directed product development strategy and beta test planning for 3 ecommerce collaborators.

• Led development of 1 manufacturing technique, 4 unique prototypes, and 6 usability studies.

• Strategized feature matrix of solutions for enabling circular economy in ecommerce packaging.

March - May 2018

"Catcall Control" game co-creator

• Built Arduino-based tangible interaction game exploring the experience of street harassment.

• Demo’d prototype at the 2018 Industrial Design GT LaunchPad event with over 400 attendees.

• Designed storyline, art, and interactions to enable empathy and delight within social context.

Feb  2018

"Forget-me-naut" designer and engineer

• Designed interface of light-based timer for less obtrusive long term reminders.

• Coded Arduino backend, built circuit hardware, and constructed encasing over 2 weeks.

June - Dec 2017
Apple Manufacturing Design Engineering

•  Designed $90k vision system equipment and SOP saving 1,700 hours annually.
•  Led process development, implementation, and training across 3 Chinese manufacturers.
• Collaborated with 5 vendors and international teams in Chinese and English to outsource

   DFM’s of vision system.
• Represented Apple while leading DOE’s with 3 vendors for automated line assembly and

   innovative manufacturing processes in ultra-black security projects.
• Using Zygo and Sensofar for failure analysis, identified formula to quantify severity of cosmetic

   defects on an ultra security Mac project.

Jan - May 2017

"baag" CTO

• Designed solution for reducing single-use plastic bag use by leveraging shopper pain points.

• Obtained $300 grant for design, prototyping, and production of origami-inspired product.

• Led 33 field interviews to find market trends; led product development and rapid prototyping.

• Won 2nd Best Overall I2P Project at Incubator Showcase, April 27, 2017.




Sept - Dec 2016

Schlumberger R&D Engineer

• Co-inventor of interference-fit electrode pins in patent memo IS16.1601 reducing complexity

   in assembly of high performance drilling-grade sensor box.
• Designed 2D core ANSYS simulations testing stress/strain and pressure profiles of molded

   PEEK assemblies.
• Created scientific best-practices for the Schlumberger Riboud Product Development

   Center (SRPC), standardizing vacuum seal testing for interference-fit.
• Collaborated with French polymer manufacturing company Dedienne with 3 DOE’s testing       

   pressure, surface roughness, rate of flow, and temperature in integrated PEEK sensor box.

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